the History of the Kazantip Republic

Posted: September 15, 2010 in about, history

[Total Recall]

It all happened back in 1992 starting as a windsurfing competition that brought together 78 participants and 600 devotees. To make their hanging out at the shore merrier, the prospective PreZident of the Kazantip Republic – the president of the Russian Windsurfing Association at that time – simply switched on some little sound on the beach.Z

[1992. Prospective President Nikita Marshunok watching prospective Kazantip]

[1993. Primitive people. The early days of Kazantip looked like this…]

[Primitive President worshipping the Gods of wind]

The next year, even more devotees got there and among them were DJs, who carried their LPs just to keep from getting bored.

[1994. Yeah, Kazantip came from windsurfing]

The competition was held on a peninsula called Kazantip, not far from a derelict nuclear power station. It had been left incomplete right after the Chernobyl disaster and standing alone in the middle of the field as a tremendous and unimaginable piece of Hollywood scenery set up for an apocalyptic movie.

[1997. Reactor]

And in 1997, the Prezident committed the act of pure kazantypical madness and threw 5000 people party “The Night at the Reactor”, which established a tradition of the Nuclear Nights and went down in the history of Russian rave movement.

In seven years, the championship evolved from a small mix of surfers and their friends – young progressives, recreationists, extreme sports enthusiasts, musicians, DJs and journalists – to “the festival of everything related to sea, sex and summer”. A bit underground yet international, this open-air happening took place every august and lasted for two weeks. In 1999, it was already attended by 12 000 people.

In 2000, the festival was forced to change its place. Since then, it has no longer been a festival and come to be a republic. The Independent Orange Kazantip Republic that can freely move in space, wherever the president wants and where the nation is better off. The Kazantip Republic borrowed the name from the headland it occupied early on and enticed its devout followers away to become the Great Nation ruled by a small prezident.

[2000. Sudak. The movable Republic]

[President. Building of Kazantip 2001]

For a couple of years the Republic was wandering around and every august it was necessarily to hunt out its uncharted location before getting there. However, since 2001 it has stationed itself where you can find it now – in little village Popovka, on the Black Sea coast of the Crimea peninsula.

[2001. 1th Kazantip @ Popovka. The dawn of the new era]

From then onward, The Kazantip Republic has had its own small area separated from the entire world. There are all the things its citizens need for the living  – bars, restaurants, www, first-aid posts, comfort stations, visa application center, customhouse, and above all – dancehalls and stages. Orange became the national color of the Republic, sunglasses, shorts and I-shirts turned to the national clothes and an old-fashioned yellow suitcase got to be the main national symbol granting visa-free entry. As such, the viza regime was finally introduced.

[2002. Eden]

[Papyrus. 2d century AD. Slaves build Kazantip 2002;]

The Utopian KaZantip Republic has always lived under a variety of dreamy slogans like so:


And now we’re there.


 [2010. The territory of the Kazantip Republic, known as ‘Mars’.]

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