The Kazantip Republic through the eyes of normal people

Posted: September 15, 2010 in about, people

[Kazantip 2010. Top view]

When it comes to what other, relatively more normal people think of our imaginary world, it’s a big international annual club culture festival held in summer at the Black Sea coast of Crimea, Ukraine (Russia’s neighboring, ex-USSR country). It starts in late July and ends in late August, attracting over 100 000 attendees. The event features hundreds of best DJs, dancers, musicians, performers and other creative minds from around the world.

[Burning K-A-Z-A-N-T-I-P]

Despite its smallness, republic can afford about 10 dance floors, 30+ bars and restaurants, 2 open air cinema halls, 2-3 kitesurfing stations and an amount of weird architectural structures. All of this is fitted with ton of light and sound and, when the night comes down, looks pretty much like an extraterrestrial space base.

[Triumphal Arch & The Stairway to Heaven]

Most commonly normal people compare the Kazantip Republic with Ibiza and Burning Man. It probably seems to them that the Kazantip Republic as well as Ibiza is just a month long open-air party near the sea — DJs, beautiful girls, dancers and never-ending show. Or, like Burning Man, it’s a hangout for freaks and psychos obsessed with self-expression and neo paganism of fire worship.

Right, it’s quite prestigious here to be a real freak, so the Prezident of the Republic is the first freak of all – absolutely one of a kind. That’s why everybody who happened to get here is going slightly mad.

A little mad. Perhaps, as mad as hatter ;]

[‘Complete clinic!’ was a feature of Kazantip 2010]

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